Rice County Area United Way

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Northfield Schools TORCH Program

Latino, first-generation and at-risk students in Middle School and High School receive guidance and academic support to prepare them for college: Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes.

Northfield Schools TORCH Program

Northfield Union of Youth

Youth-run organization provides programs targeting at-risk and alternative youth. The Key youth center welcomes all youth ages 12-20. Gives power and voice to area youth; creates a caring and enriching community.

Northfield Union of Youth

Northfield Youth Sports Collaborative

Provides scholarships for nine youth sports leagues. All funds go directly to scholarships.

Northfield Youth Sports Collaborative

Project ABLE

Offers vocational, social and recreational opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. Adaptive Summer Youth Program offers activities to increase independent-living skills, socialization and vocational skills in a day-camp setting.

Project ABLE

Project Friendship

Campus-based mentoring program matches children grades 2-7 with college students from St. Olaf and Carleton colleges. Mentors provide supportive friendships and model positive, responsible behavior.

Project Friendship