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Northfield and Faribault United Ways Will Merge

United Way of Faribault and Northfield Area United Way will merge in the weeks ahead, becoming Rice County Area United Way.

Rice County Area United Way will serve the regions covered by the original United Ways, which together cover virtually all of Rice County and nearby portions of Dakota, Goodhue and LeSueur counties. Cities within the combined service area include not only Faribault and Northfield but also Dennison, Dundas, Kilkenny, Lonsdale, Morristown, Nerstrand, Warsaw and Webster.  

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$240,350 in Grants Awarded

Four young women wearing Center for Family Unity t-shirts line up under a banner with the same logo reading "5k to Prevent Child Abuse. It shouldn't hurt to be a child."
A child abuse prevention agency, Exchange Club Center for Family Unity, is one of 17 organizations and programs that will receive Northfield Area United Way grant funds in 2019.

Northfield Area United Way has awarded $240,350 in grants to 17 local nonprofit agencies and school-related programs that assist people suffering hardship and crisis, improve financial stability, increase access to health and wellness, and promote youth success.

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Help Score the Goal

Donations to our United Way are down. We and many other nonprofits are seeing the effects of the recent tax law change and other shifts in patterns of giving.

Northfield Area United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of everyone in our community. In a few weeks we will award grants to essential local programs that help our children thrive and assist our neighbors who experience trauma and crisis. In recent years we’ve been able to award more than a quarter of a million dollars annually to improve lives in our community.

Right now we are falling short of last year’s fundraising. This will have a real impact on our community. But there is time to close this gap and score the goal.

The goal: $45,000 in new donations and pledges by April 30.

If you’re already a donor, thank you! If you have not donated recently, now is the time! Additional donations are also welcome.

You can donate now, or email us your pledge and pay later. You can also help by sharing this message.

Together we can do this.

In gratitude,

Penny Hillemann
Executive Director

2019 Grant Season Now Open

Northfield Area United Way’s annual grant application season is now open. Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations or governmental units performing service in the areas of education, health or human services are invited to apply.

Applications are due March 15, 2019. Grant application information and forms are available online at northfieldunitedway.org/apply-for-a-grant.

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Northfield, Faribault United Ways Explore Options for Collaboration

The boards of Board of Northfield Area United Way and United Way of Faribault are in active discussions to explore ways in which we might be able to collaborate more. One option could include a unified regional United Way serving the communities currently served by our two organizations.

We are excited to be starting this process to see how we can use resources most efficiently and have more impact for the benefit of both communities.  A more regional United Way approach is one way other rural communities have seen greater success. City boundaries seem to matter less as more people work remotely or live in one community and work in another. Both of our boards believe it makes sense to explore the possibilities. Read More