Local Hero Nomination Form

Sybil Betsinger, United Way Hero

Sybil Betsinger, United Way Hero, finds shelters and health services for people in crisis through the Community Action Center.

Nominations have closed for 2015. Watch for the opportunity to nominate a local hero in the fall of 2016.


  • Local Workplace Hero Nominate someone who has gone above and beyond the call at work! We’ll send out a United Way “local hero certificate” that will recognize your hero.
  •  Community Hero Nominate someone for his or her super-powerful level of care in the community through volunteering or financial gifts.  We will consider your nominee for recognition as one of our yearly “Super Heroes” in the Northfield area.

NOTE: Nominations made by October 12, 2015  make your hero eligible for public recognition at the NAUW’s 100% Local Music Festival, Friday, October 23!

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