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A Free Book Every Month

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Children who are read to during the first years of life are much more likely to learn to read on schedule.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library helps families develop children’s early literacy skills by providing free, high-quality books to children ages 0–5. A new, age-appropriate book arrives each month by mail. Children and parents read together, building literacy skills and fostering a love of reading.

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Northfield Area United Way runs Imagination Library in the Northfield area. The program is free to families of all income levels who live in the Northfield area: Northfield, Dundas, Dennison, Nerstrand, Lonsdale, Montgomery, Webster, LeCenter and Kilkenny.

To register a Northfield-area child for Imagination Library, contact Northfield Area United Way.

To find out if Imagination Library is offered in another region, use Imagination Library’s Find My Program tool.

Lasting Impact

By providing age-appropriate books each month, Imagination Library:

  • Increases young children’s access to books
  • Provides a print-rich environment
  • Fosters parent-child reading
  • Drives pre-literacy skills
  • Introduces shapes, colors, letters, numbers, and concepts

The program has a permanent, long-term impact and meets an important community need. We are proud to reach as many kids as possible by collaborating with organizations including the Northfield School District, Northfield ECFE, Rice County Public Health, Northfield Hospital and other local healthcare providers, and the Northfield Area Family YMCA. Since Northfield Area United Way started sponsoring Imagination Library, children in our region have received approximately 90,000 free books.

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