Teens exploring the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness for the first time thanks to an Investing in Youth grant

About Northfield Area United Way

The Northfield Area United Way helps 1 in 3 residents in our community to lead fulfilling lives that contribute to the betterment of all area residents. For more than 40 years, the Northfield Area United Way has fostered a caring community with both nationally recognized programs and under-the-radar services that have untold impact.

Northfield Area United Way contributions strengthen these communities:  Dennison, Dundas, Kilkenny, Lonsdale, Montgomery, Northfield and Webster.

Our Mission

To mobilize the resources and caring power of individuals, organizations and networks to strengthen the community.

Our Charter

To raise funds, provide leadership, identify and address community needs, and provide an effective and balanced delivery system of human care.

Growing up Healthy 2

Partner Agencies

Our partner agencies help families and individuals in crisis situations that can result in food in security, lack  of safe housing, job loss and disability. Our partner agencies also help us raise all of our children to succeed in school and life with hope and strong ethics.

Rather than funding Band-Aid solutions, our United Way partner agencies implement  evidence-based programs with measurable outcomes. For an individual or family, that means getting help that makes a long-term difference, and reaching for goals that lead to self-sufficiency as well as the motivation and ability to be strong community contributors.

Local and Efficient

Your donation stays in the Northfield area. One gift helps in so many ways, striking a balance between helping those in need today and investing in a brighter future.

Our administration costs are low. 87 cents of every dollar contributed goes to fund programs. Your donation also helps us organize volunteerism – outstripping what your contribution could buy by putting hands to work for no cost.


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