Why Give to United Way?

Unleash your inner hero.

Support your local community.

  • 100% of your donation helps people who live and work in the greater Northfield community.
  • 100% local individuals (including potentially YOU), direct giving. Join an allocation committee:Children get books through Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.connect@northfieldunitedway.org.
  • 100% of agencies your donation funds are reviewed by financial experts to ensure that your funds are spent responsibly.

1 in 3 residents benefit. Do you know a child in the Northfield or Tri-City schools who attended a ready-for-kindergarten program? Do you have an elderly parent who benefits from a free meal daily or weekly? Do you know someone with a disabled child? Have you ever needed medical care for depression or anxiety or diabetes yourself? All of these are ways Northfield Area United Way partner agencies step in to support people a lot like you in our community.

Create a circle of giving. Short term solutions can have long-term benefits creating a circle of giving in which those are helped, help others in turn. That develops a culture of caring in our community.

Support three legs of service that cannot work alone. The Northfield Area United Way funds Education, Health and Finanicial Stability/Basic Needs for our neighbors. Together they create a platform for success. The fact is, without stable housing and nutrition a child will not make it to school consistently. Without a good education, that child likely will not grow to support him or herself. Statistics also show those with lower levels of education have more health issues.  All three areas must work together.

Support small but important agencies that fly under the radar. Without the United Way, services like Reading Corp, which tutors third graders so they are reading at their reading level, might go unknown. By funding the United Way, you fund agencies that are making a world of difference to families – perhaps families like yours.

You have CHOICE about your giving.

  1. Give where there is the greatest need by giving to our general fund to fund three legs of support for our community: Education, Health and Basic Needs.
  2. Have a passion for a cause? Designate one or more of our partner agencies to receive your gift. (See them on our brochure or website, northfieldunitedway.org.)
  3. Designate your gift to any 501(c)3 health or human services nonprofit agency in the Northfield area, even if they are not on our partner list.
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