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Hey, United Way supporters, did you know you can help raise funds NOW for Give to the Max Day, Nov. 17?  How? Use your favorite social media — Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram — and start letting people know what you care about.

  • Post a message about why you give to Northfield Area United Way.
  • Post a photo from the Northfield Area United Way Facebook page. We love to have you share them!
  • Post one or more of these facts:


Northfield Area United Way funds local non-profit agencies meeting the most critical needs in our community within three key areas: Education, Health and Financial Stability.

Education, Health and Financial stability are three legs of a stool. Each needs to be addressed to stabilize and lift those in need – otherwise the stool falls down. United Way is unique as a funder in that it addresses all three.

Northfield Area United Way is…


One in three residents is directly served by United Way-funded agencies. Your donation stays local to help people who live and work in the greater Northfield community. 


We have been in the Northfield Area for 42 years, serving as a trusted resource for foundational services that help people succeed in life.


We hold our partner agencies (those funded by Northfield Area United Way) to measurable results to ensure your donation is wisely invested.


Money goes where you designate and administrative fees are a low 13% — well within guidelines of Charity Navigator. Rule of thumb: A nonprofit cannot be effective with overhead of 10% or lower.


Measurable Goals for 2016-17 United Way Campaign

By giving to the Northfield Area United Way this year, you help the community:

Increase the number of children reading at grade level in third grade by 5%. Currently 38% of Northfield third graders were not reading at third grade level by the end of third grade. Research has found that those not meeting that key benchmark for so far behind they are four times less likely to graduate from high school.

Achieve a goal of 100% of high school graduates having an achievable plan for their future.  Many high school students go off to college or jobs with no plan. We aim to help them reach their goals by visualizing them early.

Ensure that no one in need is turned away from the food shelf, even though needs are expected to grow by 5% in Northfield this year.

Give 50% more Northfield residents who are uninsured or underinsured with quality, affordable healthcare. As healthcare costs rise, many rely on community services. Your donation helps keep people healthy with both dental and medical care.



This year you can designate to one or more areas – Education, Health or Financial Stability — or give to the General Fund in which case your donation impacts the greatest needs in each of these areas. Click “Give” at now.

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