See What your Donation Does on Donor Day!

On Tuesday, July 28 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., the Northfield Area United Way invites the donors and volunteers to experience one innovative way their United Way contributions are invested. Every Tuesday during the summer, Growing Up Healthy hosts Martes en el Parque (Tuesdays in the Park) to provide a structured, but relaxed space for neighbors in Viking Terrace and Jefferson Square to build relationships and connect to local resources. Growing Up Healthy is a nonprofit program of Healthy Community Initiative, funded in part by the Northfield Area United Way.

On July 28, UCarleton Student does local food demonited Way donors and volunteers are invited to take part in the activities at Dresden Hill Park, 206 Dresden Ave, in Northfield. Northfield Area United Way volunteers have been supporting Martes en Parque’s weekly mobile vegetable market by helping to cultivate fresh vegetables at Seeds Farm. Vegetables from the farm are distributed to families at the events, and this will be a chance to see the pay-off of their work. Cooking demonstrations are often included to show people how to prepare less familiar foods like kohlrabi and kale.

In addition, Booker, the Northfield Public Library’s bookmobile, will be available so children can check out books, and children’s games will inspire healthy activity. “These connections and local social support have a powerful, positive effect on individual and community health and well-being,” says Leah Eby, Growing Up Healthy coordinator.

About Northfield Area United Way

Through the generous contributions of individuals and organizations, the Northfield Area United Way is granting $263,000 this year in three critical areas: health, education and financial stability/basic needs. One hundred percent of donations to the Northfield Area United stay local, improving the lives of people who live and work in our community.

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