In the past year, Josh Wood graduated from Northfield High School with 24 college credits– and left his truancy days behind him.

Charlie Mandile helped 750 of our neighbors get medical care.

David Mucha made a pledge to Northfield from his office in the Twin Cities – and his employer matched it.

Tatum Sawyer added 12 books to her collection.

Over 1,500 of us made a gift to Northfield Area United Way.

Seventeen local organizations held fundraising drives at work, run by dozens of volunteers.

Together, we raised over $400,000.

Thirty three community members helped decide how to invest it, through grants to 31 programs that touch 90% of people in the Northfield area.


We bolstered the strength of our community – across Northfield, Dundas, Montgomery,

Northfield United Way logo

Click Here to Give Today

Lonsdale, Dennison, Webster, Kilkenny.

We kept it local.

And we changed the lives of those who walk by us every day.

That’s how we LIVE UNITED.  Are you in?

Welcome to the 2011 LIVE UNITED Campaign. Our goal is to raise $450,000. With your help, we can do it.

 Three ways to LIVE UNITED

  • Watch your mailbox for the LIVE UNITED booklet. It has an envelope you can use to mail your gift.
  • Give at work. Designate your gift for Northfield Area United Way: Put # 25641F on your pledge form. Your employer may match your gift.
  • Donate right here, right now. Your gift stays LOCAL.

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